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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

ASA Network Policies

About ASA Network Policies

The Network Policies page displays a list of all the network policies in use by all the devices managed by CDO.  Navigate Policies > Network to arrive at the network policies page. 

A network policy is a collection of network rules. Each network rule allows or prevents network traffic from reaching a network destination based on such characteristics as source and destination IP address, IP protocol, port number, EtherType, and so on. "Network policy" and "network rule" are the terms CDO uses to describe these security entities.

The Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) refers to network policies as, "access control lists," ACLs, and refers to network rules "access control entries," ACEs. ASAs also have the idea of an access group, where you apply an ACL to a specific interface. CDO Network policies are the equivalent of ASA Access Groups.