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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Secure Event Connectors

The Secure Event Connector (SEC) is a component of the Security Analytics and Logging SaaS solution. It receives events from ASA and FTD devices and forwards them to the Cisco cloud. CDO displays the events on the Event Logging page so that administrators can analyze them there or by using Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud. 

The SEC is installed on a Secure Device Connector deployed in your network or on it's own CDO Connector virtual machine deployed in your network. 

Secure Event Connector ID

You may need the ID of the SEC when working with Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or other CDO Support. That ID is found on the Secure Connectors page in CDO. To find the SEC ID:

  1. From the user menu, select Secure Connectors
  2. Click the SEC you wish to identify.
  3. The SEC ID is the ID listed above the Tenant ID in the Details pane.
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