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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Remove the Secure Event Connector

Warning: This procedure deletes the Secure Event Connector from the Secure Device Connector (SDC) or CDO Connector. Doing so will prevent you from using Cisco Security Analytics and Logging (SaaS). It is not reversible. If you have any questions or concerns, contact CDO support before taking this action.

To remove the Secure Event Connector from your SDC or Secure Device Connector perform these two tasks:

  1. Remove SEC from CDO.
  2. Remove SEC files from the SDC or CDO Connector. 

Remove SEC from CDO

  1. Log in to CDO.
  2. From the account menu, select Secure Connectors.
  3. Select the row with the device type, Secure Event Connector.

Warning: Be careful. Do NOT select your Secure Device Connector if you are using one.

  1. In the Actions pane, click Remove.
  2. Click OK to confirm your intent to delete the Secure Event Connector.

Remove SEC files from the SDC or CDO Connector

  1. Open your virtual machine hypervisor and start a console session for your connector. 
  2. Log in as the 'cdo' user.
  3. Switch to the SDC user.
[cdo@tenant toolkit]$sudo su sdc
  1. At the prompt type one of these commands:
  • If you are managing only your own tenant:
[sdc@tenant toolkit]$ /usr/local/cdo/toolkit/ remove
  • If you manage more than one tenant, add CDO_ to the beginning of the tenant name. For example:
[sdc@tenant toolkit]$ /usr/local/cdo/toolkit/ remove CDO_[tenant_name]
  1. Confirm your intention to remove the SEC files.