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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Review Sensor Health and CDO Integration Status in Stealthwatch Cloud

Sensor Status

Required License: Logging Analytics and Detection or Total Network Analytics and Monitoring

In the Stealthwatch Cloud web UI, you can view your CDO integration status and your configured sensors from the Sensor List page. The CDO integration is the read-only connection-events sensor. Stelathwatch Cloud provides an overall health of your sensors in the main menu:

  • green cloud icon () - connectivity established with all sensors, and CDO if configured
  • yellow cloud icon () - connectivity established with some sensors, or CDO if configured, and one or more sensors is not configured properly
  • red cloud icon () - connectivity lost with all configured sensors, and CDO if configured

Per sensor or CDO integration, a green icon signifies connectivity established, and a red icon signifies connectivity lost.

View sensors and CDO integration health:

1. In the Stealthwatch Cloud portal UI, select Settings () > Sensors.
2. Select Sensor List.