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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Troubleshooting SEC Registration Failure

Secure Event Connector Registration Failure

Symptom: Registration of Cisco Secure Event Connector to cloud eventing service fails. 

Diagnosis: These are the most common reasons that the SEC fails to register to the eventing cloud service.   

  • The SEC is unable to reach the Eventing cloud service from SEC

Repair: Ensure that Internet is accessible on port 443 and DNS is configured correctly. 

  • Registration failure due to invalid or expired one-time-password in SEC bootstrapdata


  1. Log on to the SDC as the 'sdc' user.
  2. View the connector log:  ( /usr/local/cdo/data/<tenantDir>/event_streamer/logs/connector.log ) to check registration state.

If registration has failed due to invalid token, you'll see the error message in the log file something similar to the one below. 

context:(*contextImpl).handleFailed] registration - CE2001: Registration failed - Failed to register the device because of invalid token. Retry with a new valid token. - Failed"

  1. Run the SEC cleanup command step on SDC VM to remove the SEC from Secure Connectors page.
  2. Generate new SEC bootstrap data and retry the SEC on-boarding steps.