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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Back up an FTD On-Demand

This procedure describes how to backup an FTD device so that it can be restored if need be. 

Before you Begin

Review these requirements and best practices before you backup up an FTD.


  1. (Optional) Create a change request for the backup. 
  2. In the main navigation bar on the left, click Devices & Services.
  3. Select the device you want to backup. 
  4. In the Actions pane on the right, click Manage Backups.
  5. Click Backup Now. The Device enters the Backing Up configuration state.

When the backup is done, the CDO displays the device's configuration state it was in before the backup started. You can also open the change log page to look for a recent change log record with the description, "Backup completed successfully."

If you created a change request in step 1, you can also filter by that value to find the change log entry. 

  1. if you created a change request in step 1, clear the change request value so you do not inadvertently associated more changes with the change request. 

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