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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Bulk Reconnect to Devices

Purpose of Bulk Reconnect to Devices

CDO allows an administrator to attempt to reconnect more than one managed device to CDO at the same time. When a device CDO manages is marked "unreachable," CDO can no longer detect out of band configuration changes or mange the device. There could be many different reasons for the disconnect. Attempting to reconnect the devices is a simple first step in restoring CDO's management of the device.

How to Bulk Reconnect to Devices

  1. On the Devices & Services page, use the filter to look for devices whose connectivity status is "unreachable." 
  2. From the filtered results, select the devices you want to attempt to reconnect.
  3. Click Reconnect  reconnect.png.  Notice that CDO only provides command buttons for actions that can be applied to all the selected devices.
  4. Look at the notifications tab for the progress of the bulk device reconnect action. If you want more information about how the actions in the bulk device reconnect job succeeded or failed, click the blue Review link and you will be directed to the Jobs page

Tip: If a reconnect failure was caused because the device's certificate or credentials have changed, you will have to reconnect to those devices individually to add the new credentials and accept the new certificate. 

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