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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

CLI Macros for Managing Devices

A CLI macro is a fully-formed CLI command ready to use or a template of a CLI command you can modify before you run it. All macros can be run on one or more ASA, SSH, or Cisco IOS devices simultaneously.

Use CLI macros that resemble templates to take identical actions on your ASAs or Cisco IOS devices. CLI macros promote consistency in your device configurations and management. Use fully-formed CLI macros to get information about your devices. There are different CLI macros that are immediately available for you to use on your ASA, SSH, or Cisco IOS devices.

You can create CLI macros for maintenance or monitoring tasks that you perform frequently. See Create a CLI Macro for more information.

CLI macros are system-defined or user-defined. System-defined macros are provided by CDO and can not be edited or deleted. User-defined macros are created by you and can be edited or deleted. 

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