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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Run a CLI Macro

  1. On the Devices & Services page, select one or more devices. Note that you must select the same device type when selecting more than one device. 
  2. Click >_Command Line Interface.

  3. In the command panel, click the star cli_star.png.

  4. Select a CLI macro from the command panel.

  5. Run the macro one of two ways:

  • If the macro has no parameters to define, click Send. The response to the command appears in the response pane. You're done.
  • If the macro contains parameters, such as the Configure DNS macro below, click >_ View Parameters.


  1.  In the Parameters pane, fill in the values for the parameters in the Parameters fields.


  1. Click Send. After CDO has successfully, sent the command and updated the device's configuration, you receive the message, Done!

  • For an ASA the running configuration is updated.
  • For an FTD, the device's active configuration is updated.
  1. After you send the command you may see the message, "Some commands may have made changes to the running config" along with two links.


  • Clicking Write to Disk saves the changes made by this command, and any other change that in the running config, to the device's startup config. 
  • Clicking Dismiss, dismisses the message.
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