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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Meraki Templates

The Meraki template is a network configuration that is shared by multiple sites/networks. Individual site networks can be bound to a template network, so changes to a single template will trickle down to all bound networks; in CDO, bound networks are displayed as bound devices. This is ideal if you want one policy across multiple networks in different locations. To configure more than one network to a single template, see Managing Multiple Networks with Configuration Templates. See Meraki Templates Best Practices for more information on what a Meraki template is, how you can plan on using templates in your network, and how to setup your template network. 

Meraki templates work in the same way as the Meraki devices do, where you must first configure the template through the Meraki dashboard prior to onboarding to CDO. When you onboard a template to CDO, any existing rules or groups of IPs are read into CDO and translated into objects. Once synced, the Device Details pane on the Devices & Services page displays the template name as well as how many networks, displayed as bound devices, are associated with it. This means you can also manage and modify/deploy the policies that are associated with the template and the bound networks from CDO. See Onboard Meraki Templates to Defense Orchestrator for more information. 

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