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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Using the FTD API Tool


CDO provides the API Tool interface to execute the Firepower Threat Defense REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming (API) requests for performing advanced actions on an FTD device. The REST API uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format to represent objects.

The interface provides system-defined or user-defined API macros. System-defined macros are provided by CDO and can not be edited or deleted. User-defined macros are created by you and can be edited or deleted. You can use all the resource groups supported in the FDM API Explorer. 

Note: CDO supports only FDM API endpoints that return JSON.   


It is assumed that you have a general knowledge of programming and a specific understanding of REST APIs and JSON. If you are new to these technologies, please first read a general guide on REST APIs.

Supported Documents

Supported HTTP Methods

You can use the following HTTP methods only. 

Important: A user with the Read-Only role can perform only the GET operation.

Attribute Description
GET To read data from the device. 
POST To create new objects for a type of resource. For example, use POST to create a new network object.
PUT To change the attributes of an existing resource. When using PUT, you must include the entire JSON object. You cannot selectively update individual attributes within an object. For example, use PUT to modify the address contained within an existing network object.
DELETE To remove a resource that you, or another user, created. For example, use DELETE to remove a network object that you no longer use. 
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