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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Add a Subinterface to an EtherChannel Interface

EtherChannel Subinterfaces

The Interfaces page allows you to view which interfaces of a device have subinterfaces by expanding each interface. This expanded view also shows you the unique logical name, enabled/disabled state, any associated security zones, and mode of the subinterface. The interface type and mode of the subinterface is determined by the parent interface. 

General Limitations

CDO does not support subinterfaces for the following interface types:

  • Interface configured for management-only.
  • Interface configured for switch port mode.
  • Passive interfaces.
  • VLAN interfaces.
  • Bridge virtual interfaces (BVI).
  • Interfaces that are already a member of another EtherChannel interface.

You can create subinterfaces for the following:

  • Bridge group members.
  • EtherChannel interfaces.
  • Physical interfaces.

Add a Subinterface to an EtherChannel Interface

Use the following procedure to add a subinterface to an existing interface:

Note: If you want to immediately create another subinterface, check the Create another checkbox and then click Create.

  1. Log into CDO. 
  2. In the navigation pane, click Devices & Services
  3. Select the FTD you want to add an EtherChannel to. In the Management pane located to the right, select Interfaces
  4. Select the interface you want to group the subinterface under. In the Action pane located to the right, click the cdo_new subinter.PNG button.
  5. (Optional) Enter a Logical Name
  6. (Optional) Enter a description.
  7. (Optional) Assign a security zone to the subinterface. Note that you cannot assign a security zone if the subinterface does not have a logical name.
  8. Enter a VLAN ID. 
  9. Enter the EtherChannel ID. Use a value between 1 and 48; use values between 1 and 8 for the Firepower 1010 series.
  10. Select the IPv4IPv6, or Advanced tab to configure the IP address of the subinterface.
  11. Click Create


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