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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Viewing and Monitoring Firepower Interfaces

Viewing Firepower Interfaces

  1. From the CDO main navigation panel, click Devices & Services.
  2. Select the device whose interfaces you want to view.
  3. Select Interfaces interface_icon.jpg in the Management pane on the right.
  4. In the Interfaces table, select an interface. 
  • If you expand the interface row, you see subinterface information.
  • On the right, you see detailed interface information.

Monitoring Interfaces in the CLI

You can view some basic information, behavior, and statistics about interfaces by connecting to the device using SSH and running the command below.

For an easy to connect to the device using SSH, onboard the FTD you want to monitor as an SSH device and then use the >_ Command Line Interface in CDO. 

  • show interface displays interface statistics and configuration information. This command has many keywords you can use to get to the information you need. Use ? as a keyword to see the available options.
  • show ipv6 interface displays IPv6 configuration information about the interfaces.
  • show bridge-group displays information about Bridge Virtual Interfaces (BVI), including member information and IP addresses.
  • show conn displays information about the connections currently established through the interfaces.
  • show traffic displays statistics about traffic flowing through each interface.
  • show ipv6 traffic displays statistics about IPv6 traffic flowing through the device.
  • show dhcpd displays statistics and other information about DHCP usage on the interfaces, particularly about the DHCP servers configured on interfaces.