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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Enable ASA Interfaces Using CDO CLI

Use CLI commands to enable the interfaces in the onboarded ASA devices. We recommend creating a macro and modifying the associated parameters every time you run this macro to enable an interface.  

  1. In the CDO navigation pane, click Devices & Services
  2. Select an online and synced ASA device and click >_Command Line Interface.
  3. In the Macros area, click the plus button cli_create_plus.png.
  4. Give the macro a unique name. Provide a description and notes for the CLI macro if you wish.
  5. In the Command field, enter the following command.

interface {{hardwareportname}}
no shutdown
nameif {{interfacename}}

  1. Click Create.

When you run the macro, CDO prompts you to specify the parameters before sending the command. You can determine the hardware port name of the interface to be enabled using Adaptive Security Appliance Management. For example, "GigabitEthernet0/0", "GigabitEthernet0/1", and so on. 

To run the command see, Running CLI Macros on your ASAs

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