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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Change Log Entries after Deploying to FTD

The changes in change log entries for Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) devices are summarized in plain English. Clicking on a change in the change log entry expands it so you can see exactly what changed. After writing changes from Defense Orchestrator to your FTD, the change log entry is completed and Defense Orchestrator creates a new entry for future changes. Clicking the blue Diff link in the change log entry row displays a side by side comparison of the changes in the context of the running configuration file. 

Changes in red are deletions, changes in blue are modifications, changes in green are additions to the FTD configuration and changes in grey are messages. 

Look at the expanded change for Added HR_network in the illustration below. This is the addition of the network object HR_network. The Deployed Version column is empty because there was no HR_network object on the FTD before the change. The Pending Version column shows that HR_network object was creatd with the value


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