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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Change Log Entries after Reading from FTD

When Defense Orchestrator detects a change on a Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) device, it registers a "Conflict Detected" state on the Devices & Services page in the Configuration Status column for the device. It does not record that Configuration Status in the change log. 

When you "read" a change from FTD to Defense Orchestrator, Defense Orchestrator creates a job and displays the jobs processing status in the lower right corner of the interface. While the read job is running, you should not make any further changes using Defense Orchestrator. If you do, the changes may be lost when Defense Orchestrator overwrites the copy of the FTD configuration stored on Defense Orchestrator with the information it read from the FTD.

You will know when the read action is complete because Defense Orchestrator will no longer display the job processing status and you will see in the Jobs page that the read operation was successful. 

The change log indicates that the read operation was successful but it does not provide details unless you click the "Diff" link for the change log entry. 



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