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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Exporting the Change Log to a CSV File

You can export all or a subset of the Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) change log to a comma separated value (.csv) file so you can filter and sort the information in it however you like.

To export the change log to a .csv file, follow this procedure: 

  1. In the navigation pane, click Change Log.
  2. Find the changes you want to export by taking one of these actions: 
  • Use the filter filter_icon.png field and the search field to find exactly what you want to export. For example, filter by device to see only the changes for your selected device or devices. 
  • Clear all the filters and search criteria in the change log. This allows you to export the entire change log.  

Note: Keep in mind, CDO stores 1 year of change log data. It may be better to filter the change log contents and download the results ot a .csv file rather than downloading up to a year of change log history.

  1. Click the blue export button in the top right of the change log export_blue_button.png.
  2. Give the .csv file a descriptive name and save the file to your local file system. 

Differences Between the Change Log Capacity in CDO and the Size of an Exported Change Log

The information that you export from CDO's change log page is different from the change log information CDO stores in its database. 

For every change log, CDO stores two copies of the device's configuration, the "starting" configuration and either the "ending" configuration in the case of a closed change log; or the "current" configuration, in the case of an open change log. This allows CDO to display configuration differences side by side. In addition, CDO tracks and stores every step "change event", with the username that made the change, the time the change was made, and other details.   

When you export the change log, however, the export does not include the two complete copies of the configuration. It only includes the "change events," which makes the export file much smaller than the change log CDO stores. 

CDO stores up to 1 year of change log information, this includes the two copies of the configuration. 

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