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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Stealthwatch Cloud Sensor Deployment for Total Network Analytics and Reporting

Stealthwatch Cloud Sensor Overview and Deployment

Required License: Total Network Analytics and Monitoring

If you obtain a Total Network Analytics and Monitoring license, after you provision a Stealthwatch Cloud portal, you must deploy and configure a Stealthwatch Cloud sensor within your on-premises network to pass network flow data to the cloud for analysis. Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) devices at your network perimeter gather information about traffic between your internal network and external networks, while Stealthwatch Cloud sensors gather information about traffic within your internal network.

Note: FTD devices may be configured to pass NetFlow data. When you deploy a sensor, do not configure it to pass NetFlow data from any of your FTD devices which you also configured to pass event information to CDO.

See the Stealthwatch Cloud Sensor Installation Guide for sensor deployment instructions and recommendations.

See the Stealthwatch Cloud Free Trial Guide for more information about Stealthwatch Cloud.