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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Troubleshooting Secure Event Connector Onboarding Failures

If the Secure Event Connector (SEC) fails to onboard successfully, you may receive this error:  

"SEC on-boarding failed. Remove the SEC and onboard it again"

If you receive this error: 

  1. Remove the Secure Event Connector and its files from the virtual machine container.
  2. Update your On-Premises Secure Device Connector. Ordinarily, the SDC is updated automatically and you should not have to use this procedure but this procedure is useful in cases of troubleshooting.
  3. Install the Secure Event Connector on an On-Premise SDC Virtual Machine

Tip! Always use the copy link to copy the bootstrap data when on-boarding an SEC. 

Note: If this procedure does not correct the problem, gather the troubleshooting logs and contact your Managed Service Provider or the Cisco Technical Assistance Center.