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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Jobs Page

The Jobs page displays information about the status of a bulk operation. The bulk operation may be reconnecting multiple devices, reading configurations from multiple devices, or upgrading multiple devices simultaneously. Color-coded rows in the jobs table indicate individual actions that have succeeded or failed.

One row in the table represents a single bulk operation. That one bulk operation may have been, for example, an attempt to reconnect 20 devices. Expanding a row in the Jobs page displays the results for each of the devices affected by the bulk operation.


You can reach the Jobs page three different ways:

  • In the notifications tab, click the Review link in a notification row. You will be redirected to the Jobs page and see the specific job represented by that notification.


  • At the top of the Notifications tab, click the "View jobs" link and that will take you to the Jobs page.
  • From CDO's menu, select Monitoring > Jobs. This table shows a complete list of the bulk actions performed in CDO. 

Filtering and Searching

Once on the Jobs page, you can filter and search by operation type, the users who have performed those operations, and the operation status.

Reinitiating a Bulk Operation that Resulted in a Failed Action 

When reviewing the jobs page, if you find one ore more actions in a bulk operation that failed, you can re-run the bulk operation after you have made whatever corrections are necessary. CDO will re-run the job on only the failed actions. To re-run a bulk operation:

  1. Select the row in the jobs page that indicates a failed action.
  2. Click the reinitiate reinitiate_icon.png icon. 

Cancelling Bulk Actions

You can now cancel any active bulk action you have taken on multiple devices. For example, assume you have tried to reconnect four managed devices and three of the devices have successfully reconnected but the fourth device has neither succeeded nor failed to reconnect.

To cancel a bulk action:

  1. In the CDO navigation bar, click Jobs.
  2. Find the bulk action that is still running and click the Cancel link on the right side of the job row.

If any part of the bulk action succeeded, those actions will not be reversed. Any action that was still running will be canceled.  


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