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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Object Filters

About Object Filters

When filtering objects, CDO “and’s” filtering categories and “or’s” the filters within filtering categories. For example, the objects displayed in the figure below are the result of a filter with the following criteria:

  • Display all objects that are
  • Duplicate objects AND are
  • Network Object Type OR Service Object Type AND are
  • Present in the configurations of device AND
  • Have "port" in their object naming convention


Configure Object Filters

You can filter on as few or as many criteria as you want. The more categories you filter by, the fewer results you should expect.  

  1. Click the Objects menu.
  2. Check the Object Issues you want to filter by. If you check more than one, objects in any of the categories you check are included in your filtered results.
  3. To search for previously ignored unused, duplicate, or inconsistent objects, check Ignored
  4. Check Shared if you are searching for shared objects.
  5. Check the Object Types you want to filter by.
  6. If you want to further restrict your filter to particular devices:
    1. Add the device name in the Device search field.
    2. Check the box for the device you want to include in the filter.
  7. You can also add an object name, IP address, or port number to the Objects search field to further refine the results.
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