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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Resolve Unused Object Issues

Unused objects badge_unused.png are objects that exist in a device configuration but are not referenced by another object, an access-list, or a NAT rule. 

To resolve unused object issues:

  1. Open the Objects page and filter the objects to find unused object issues. 
  2. Select an unused object.
  3. You now have two options:
  • In the object details panel, click the trash can to remove the unused object from CDO.
  • Click Ignore. If you ignore an object, it will be removed from the list of unused objects. 
  1. If you removed the unused object, go back to the Devices & Services page and find the devices that were affected by the change. For each affected device, select it and click "Write Changes Manually..." to save the changes you just made.  
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