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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Resolve Duplicate Object Issues

Duplicate objects badge_duplicate.png are two or more objects on the same device with different names but the same values. These objects are usually created accidentally, serve similar purposes, and are used by different policies. After resolving duplicate object issues, CDO updates all affected object references with the retained object name.

To resolve duplicate object issues:

  1. Open the Objects page and filter the objects to find duplicate object issues. 
  2. Select one of the results. In the objects details panel, you will see the DUPLICATE field with the number of duplicates affected:


  1. Click Resolve. CDO displays the duplicate objects for you to compare.
  2. Select two of the objects to compare.
  3. You now have these options:
  • If you want to replace one of the objects with the other, click Pick for the object you to keep, click Resolve to see what devices and network policies will be affected, and then click Confirm if you are satisfied with the changes. CDO keeps the object you selected as the replacement and deletes the duplicate.  
  • If you have an object in the list that you want to ignore, click Ignore. If you ignore an object, it will be removed from the list of duplicate objects that CDO shows you.
  • Click Ignore All if you want to keep the object but do not want CDO to find it in a search for duplicate objects. 
  1. Once the duplicate object issue has been resolved review and deploy the changes you made now, or wait and deploy multiple changes at once. 
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