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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Resolve Object Issues in Bulk

    One way to resolve objects with unused, duplicate, or inconsistent issues is to ignore them. You can select and ignore multiple objects, even if objects exhibit more than one issue. For example, if an object is both inconsistent and unused, you can only ignore one issue type at a time. 

    Important: If the object becomes associated with another issue type at a later time, the ignore action you committed only affects the issues you selected at that time. For example, if you ignored an object because it was a duplicate and the object is later marked inconsistent, ignoring it as a duplicate object does not mean it will be ignored as an inconsistent object. 

    To ignore issues in bulk, follow this procedure: 

    1. Open the Objects page. To narrow your search, you can filter object issues. 
    2. In the Object table, select all the applicable objects you want to ignore. The Issues pane groups objects by issue type. 


    1. Click Ignore to ignore issues by type. You must Ignore each issue type separately.
    2. Click OK to confirm you want to ignore those objects.  
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