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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Create a Syslog Server Object for Cisco Security Analytics and Logging

Create a syslog server object with the Secure Device Connector (SDC) IP address and TCP or UDP port number of the Secure Event Connector.

  1. In the navigation bar, click Objects.
  2. Click the Create Object button blue_cross_button.png.
  3. Select Syslog Server under FTD object types.
  4. Configure the syslog server object properties:
  • IP Address—Enter the IP address of the SDC.
  • Protocol Type—Select TCP or UDP. 
  • Port Number—Enter port 10125 if you selected TCP or 10025 if you selected UDP.
  • Select an interface—Select the management interface.

Note: FTD supports one syslog object per IP address so you will have to choose between using TCP and UDP.

  1. Click Add
  2. Review and deploy now the changes you made, or wait and deploy multiple changes at once.