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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Create and Edit a Firepower Geolocation Filter Object

Create a Geolocation Object

You can create a geolocation object by itself on the object page or when creating a security policy. This procedure creates a geolocation object from the object page. 

  1. Click Objects to view the Objects page. 
  2. Click Create Object > FTD > Geolocation.
  3. Enter an object name for the object and optionally, a description.
  4. In the filter bar, start typing the name of a country or a region and you are presented with a list of possible matches.
  5. Check the country, countries, or regions that you want to add to the object.
  6. Click Add.

Edit a Geolocation Object

  1. Click Objects to view the Objects page. 
  2. Use the filter panes and search field to locate your object. 
  3. In the Actions pane, click Edit.
  4. You can change the name of the object and add or remove countries and regions to your object.
  5. Click Save.
  6. You will be notified if any devices are impacted. Click Confirm.
  7. If a device or policy was impacted, open the Devices & Services page and Preview and Deploy the changes to the device. 


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