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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Onboard an ASA Device


The running configuration file of your ASA must be less than 4.5 MB.

To confirm the size of your running configuration file, see Confirming ASA Running Configuration Size.


Use this procedure to onboard a live ASA device, not an ASA model, to CDO:

  1. Navigate to the Devices & Services page.
  2. Click Onboard.
  3. Click Add an ASA device.
  4. Give the device a name.
  5. Enter the location (IP address or URL) of the device or service. The default port is 443.
  6. Once the location of the device or service is verified, enter the username and password of the ASA administrator, or similar highest-privilege ASA user, that CDO will use to connect to the device. 
  7. (Optional) Enter a label for the device. You will be able to filter your list of devices by this label. See Labels and Label Groups for more information.
  8. After labeling your device or service, you can view it in the Devices & Services list.

Note: Depending on the size of the configuration and the number of other devices or services, it may take some time for the configuration to be analyzed.

About Onboarding an ASA that is Part of a High Availability Pair

When onboarding an ASA that is part of a high-availability pair, you only need to onboard the primary device of the pair.


Cannot onboard ASA due to certificate error

Environment: ASA is configured with client-side certificate authentication.

Solution: Disable client-side certificate authentication.

Details: ASAs support credential-based authentication as well as client-side certificate authentication. CDO cannot connect to ASAs that use client-side certificate authentication. Before onboarding your ASA to CDO, make sure it does not have client-certificate authentication enabled by using this procedure:

  1. Open a terminal window and connect to the ASA using SSH.
  2. Enter global configuration mode.
  3. At the hostname (config)# prompt, enter this command: 

no ssl certificate-authentication interface interface-name port 443

The interface name is the name of the interface CDO connects to.

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