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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Onboard ASAs in Bulk

About Onboard ASAs in Bulk

Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) allows you to bulk onboard ASAs by providing the necessary ASA information for all the ASAs in a .csv file. As the ASAs are being onboarded, you can use the filter pane to show which onboarding attempts are queued, loading, complete, or have failed.


  • Review Connect Cisco Defense Orchestrator to Your Managed Devices.
  • Prepare a .csv file with the connection information of the ASAs you want to onboard. Add the information about one ASA on its own line. You can use a # at the beginning of a line to indicate a comment.
    • ASA location (either IP address or FQDN)
    • ASA administrator username
    • ASA administrator password
    • (Optional) Device name for CDO
    • In the SDCName field, specify the name of a Secure Device Connector (SDC) in your network you want to use to connect CDO to your ASA. You can also enter "none" if you are not going to connect your ASA to CDO using an SDC. When onboarding the device, specifying "none" in SDCName field, onboards the ASA using the Cloud Connector. The Cloud Connector allows you to connect your device to CDO without installing an SDC. Your choice depends on how you connect CDO to your managed devices
    • (Optional) Device labels for CDO
  • To add one label, add the label name to the last CSV field.
  • To add more than one label to a device, surround the values with quotes. For example, "alpha,beta,gamma"
  • To add a category and choice label, separate the two values with a colon ( : ). For example, Rack:50

Sample of the configuration file:


Caution: CDO does not validate any of the data in the .csv file. You need to ensure the accuracy of the entries.

Onboard ASAs in Bulk

To onboard ASAs in bulk, follow this procedure:

  1. From the navigation bar, click Devices & Services and click the blue plus button blue_cross_button.png.
  2. On the Onboarding page, click the Multiple ASAs tile.
  3. Click Browse to locate the .csv file containing your ASA entries. The devices you specified are now queued in the ASA Bulk Onboarding table ready to be onboarded.

Caution: Do not navigate away from the ASA Bulk Onboarding page until the onboarding process is complete. Navigating away stops the onboarding process.

  1. Click Start. You will see the progress of the onboarding process in the status column of the ASA Bulk Onboarding table. After the device have been successfully onboarded you will see their status change to "Complete."

Pausing and Resuming Bulk Onboarding

If you need to pause the onboarding process, click Pause. CDO finishes onboarding any device it started onboarding. To resume the bulk onboarding process, click Start. CDO will start onboarding the next queued device.

If you click Pause and navigate away from this page, you will need to return to the page and follow the bulk onboarding procedure again from the beginning. However, CDO recognizes the devices it has already onboarded, marks the devices from this new onboarding attempts as duplicates, and quickly moves through the list to onboard the queued devices. 

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