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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Onboard an FTD using the Device's Serial Number

About Onboarding an FTD using its Serial Number

This procedure is a simplified method of setting up and onboarding the Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) devices to CDO. All you need is the chassis serial number or PCA serial number of the device. You can apply a smart license or use a 90-day evaluation license when onboarding the device.

Ensure that you read through the use cases to understand the concepts before you perform the onboarding steps

Important: These methods of onboarding FTDs are only available for devices that have Firepower version 6.7 or higher installed.

Use Cases

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Understanding the Device LED Patterns

You can view the Status LED (FTD 1010) or SYS LED (FTD 2100) on the rear panel of the hardware to determine the following status of the device:

Color Description
Fast flashing green The device is booting up correctly.
Fast flashing amber The device failed to boot correctly.
Solid green The application is loaded on the device.
Solid amber The application failed to load correctly on the device.
Slow flashing green The device is connected to the Cisco cloud.
Alternating green and amber The device failed to connect to the Cisco cloud.
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