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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Create an ASA Network Policy

Use this procedure to create an ASA Network Policy:

  1. In the CDO navigation bar, click Devices & Services.
  2. Click the Device filter to search for the device on which you will save the policy. 
  3. Select the device and in the Management pane, click Policy
  4. Enter a name for the policy. Note that you cannot have two network policies with the same name on a device.
  5. Select the interface for which you want to apply this policy.
  6. Specify if the policy is for outbound or inbound traffic. Note that you cannot have two policies for the same interface in the same direction on the same device. 
  7. Click Save. CDO creates the network policy and a single "permit IP any any" rule for that policy. 
  8. Edit the policy as needed.
  9. Review and deploy now the changes you made, or wait and deploy multiple changes at once. 
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