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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Implicit and Explicit URL Categories

Managing policies across Cisco products has been made easier by CDO as policies can be general or specific. Some URLs may already be blocked by implicit URL categories. These URLs will be blocked on devices that this policy is applied to unless they are explicitly allowed.

Use Case

A user wants to block all storage and backup sites for an OpenDNS configuration but not, which falls under the URL Category "Online Storage and Backup." They can go into the Application Policies tab to edit policies and block storage and backup sites on certain devices but allow to be accessed. 

Manage Implicit and Explicit URL Categories

  1. Navigate to the Application Policies tab.
  2. Search for the URL, URL category, application, or IPS that you want to manage.
    Note: The first result is the explicit domain or IP address, and the second result is the implicit category.
  3. Select the resource type that you want to manage.
    Note: If you choose an implicit category, it manages all resources that fall under that category.
  4. Select the device or service type that you want to apply the policy to.
  5. Edit the rule action in the right sidebar, and make the desired rule that you want applied, and click the back button.
  6. If you now want to edit the policy for an explicit URL or application, perform the same steps, but select the desired URL or application to manage.
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