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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

FTD Rulesets with FTD Templates

CDO allows you to assign the rulesets to FTD templates.

  • When you create a template from an FTD device with rulesets, CDO adds the template automatically to the rulesets that were present on the source device. You can manage the template from rulesets.
  • When you apply a template with rulesets to a target FTD device, CDO adds the target device automatically to the rulesets, thereby manage the target device from rulesets.
  • When a template with rulesets is applied to a target FTD device which already has different rulesets, CDO removes the existing rulesets from the target device and adds new rulesets associated with the template.

See Deploy a Ruleset to Multiple FTD Devices or Templates for more information. 

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