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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Change Log Entries after Creating Rulesets

When CDO detects a change on the ruleset, it creates a change log entry for every action performed on the ruleset. 

Clicking the blue Diff link in the change log entry row displays a side-by-side comparison of the changes in the context of the running configuration file. 

In the following example, the change log shows entries for a new ruleset with three rules added to the ruleset. It also shows information about setting the ruleset's priority and the FTD device attached to the ruleset. 



Number in Illustration Explanation
1 The new ruleset "Ruleset_3" is created at 11:03:18 A.M on Feb 25, 2020.
2 The new access rules "new_rule_1", "new_rule_3", and "new_rule_3" are created in the ruleset. 
3 The ruleset's priority is set to "Mandatory".
4 The ruleset is attached to the "BGL_FTD" device.
5 The ruleset changes are saved. 
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