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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

ASA Template Parameters

When creating a new template, you may want to model it after a particular device. CDO offers the ability to set template parameters based on selected fields of text within the configuration of the device that the template is modeled after. Parameters can be created, set up from existing parameters, and searched for within the template parameters view. 

Note: If you opt to import a configuration for an ASA template, the configuration must be in a JSON format.

Create New Parameters

  1. With an existing device onboarded, navigate to the Templates tab at the top of CDO.
  2. Either select New Template or Manage Templates.
  3. Choose the desired configuration to create a parameter.
  4. Name the template by typing in the Name field at the top of the screen.
  5. Select the desired text field to add a parameter to.
  6. Give the parameter a description, add a value, and any necessary note.
  7. Click Save next to the Name field to save the parameter.
  8. You can then review the template by clicking Review Template.

You now have a saved parameter that gets applied to all future devices that are onboarded using this template.

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