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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Create a New ASA, ISR, or ASR Template

Base Configuration

Start with a known ASA, ISR, or ASR base configuration. Choose the desired configuration to begin parameterization of the template. Parameterization involves selecting fields or attributes within a configuration file and identifying a list of values which will be selected on configuration file instantiation.

Note: If you opt to import a configuration for an ASA template, the configuration must be in a JSON format.

Add Parameters

With the selection of a base configuration the parameterization process can begin. From the configuration editor, select the desired field for parameterization. Note that the selected string is enclosed in double brackets. From the left pane, the parameter can be renamed, a description added, and multiple values added. Selecting Allow Custom Value allows for custom values to be set on instantiation. Otherwise, only the identified values are selectable.

Once parameterization is completed, identify a name for the template, and click Save.

Read more on parameterization here.


Once a template has been saved, click Review to move to the review process. In review, the template can be exported as-is, including the parameterized values. Note that this is not necessarily a valid configuration but provides a means to review the template as it is stored in CDO. The template can also be edited by clicking Edit, if needed. The Diff button can demonstrate the differences between the saved template and the most recent edits.

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