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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

FTD Templates

About FTD Templates

A Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) template is a complete copy of an onboarded FTD device's configuration. You can then modify that template and use it to configure other FTD devices you manage. FTD templates are a way to promote policy consistency between your FTD devices. 

How You Could Use FTD Templates

Here are some ways that you could use FTD templates:

  • Configure one FTD by applying another FTD's configuration template to it. The template you apply may represent a "best practice" configuration that you want to use on all your FTD devices.
  • Use the template as a way to make and test configuration changes in a lab environment before applying those changes to a live FTD device.

What You Will See in the Change Log

When you apply a template to a device, you overwrite the entire configuration of that device. The CDO change log records every change that gets made as a result. So, change log entries will be very long after applying a template to a device.


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