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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

ASA Real-time Logging

About ASA Real-time Logging

Use real-time logging to display the last 20 seconds of logged data or the last 10 KB of logged data, whichever limit is reached first. When CDO retrieves the real-time data, it reviews the existing logging configuration on your ASDM, changes it to request debugging-level data, and then returns the logging configuration to your configuration. The logging CDO displays reflects any logging filters you may have set in ASDM.

You can see the commands that CDO sends to perform logging by reviewing the change log. Below is an example of a change log entry. The first entry (on the bottom) indicates that CDO "turned on" logging with the logging enable command and changed the ASDM logging level to debugging.  The second entry (on the top) shows that the logging configuration was returned to its previous state. Logging was "turned off" with the no logging enable command and the ASDM logging level was returned to informational.

real-time logging change log.png


View ASA Real-time Logs

  1. On the Devices & Services page, select the device for which you want to view real-time data.
  2. Click Troubleshoot troubleshoot.png
  3. (Optional) Before clicking View Real-time Log, you can define a filter in the left pane to refine the results of your logging search.
  4. Click View Real-time Log. CDO retrieves the real-time logging data based on your filterin criteria and displays it.
  5. To see an additional 20 seconds of logged data or the last 10 KB of logged data. click View Real-Time Log again.
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