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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Device Connectivity States

You can view the connectivity states of the devices onboarded in your CDO tenant. This topic helps you understand the various connectivity states. On the Devices & Services page, the Connectivity column displays the device connectivity states.

When the device connectivity state is 'Online' it means that the device is powered on and connected to CDO. The other states described in the table below usually occur when the device is running into problems for various reasons. The table provides the method to recover from such problems. It may be that there is more than one problem causing the connection failure. When you attempt to reconnect, CDO will prompt you to fix all of these problems first before performing the reconnect. 

Device Connectivity State Possible Reasons Resolution
Online Device is powered on and connected to CDO.  NA
Offline Device is powered down or lost network connectivity. Check whether the device is offline. 
Insufficient licenses

Device doesn't have sufficient licenses.

Troubleshoot Insufficient Licenses
Invalid credentials Username and password combination used by CDO to connect to the device is incorrect. Troubleshoot Invalid Credentials
New Certificate Detected Certificate on the device has changed. If the device uses a self-signed certificate, then this could have happened due to the device being power cycled. Troubleshoot New Certificate Issues
Device Unregistered Device has been unregistered from Cloud via FDM.  Troubleshoot Device Unregistered
Claim Error CDO fails to claim the device. Some of the possible reasons could be that an invalid serial number has been entered or the device serial number has already been claimed. Troubleshoot Claim Error
Onboarding Error CDO may have lost connectivity with the device when onboarding it. Troubleshoot Onboarding Error
Provisioning Error Device initial provisioning has failed. Troubleshoot Provisioning Error
  • Device is powered down.
  • IP address has changed on the device.
  • Device has been deleted from Cisco Cloud. 
Troubleshoot Unreachable Connection State