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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Upgrade ASA and ASDM Images on a Single ASA

Follow this procedure to upgrade the ASA and ASDM images on a single ASA.

  1. Review ASA and ASDM Upgrade Prerequisites for upgrade requirements and important information about upgrading ASA and ASDM images.

Note: If you are upgrading an ASA 1000 or 2000 series device, be sure to read Configuration Prerequisites for 1000 and 2000 Series

  1. Click Devices & Services.
  2. (Optional) Create a change request label to identify the device upgraded by this action in the change log.  
  3. Select the device you want to upgrade.
  4. In the Device Actions pane, click Upgrade.
  5. On the Device Upgrade page, follow the instructions presented to you by the wizard.
  1. In step 1, click Use CDO Image Repository to select the ASA software image you want to upgrade to, and click Continue.

        Note: When upgrading your ASAs and ASDMs to images stored in your own repository, select Specify Image URL and enter the URL of     the ASA or ASDM image in the Software Image URL field. You can retrieve the images from your repository using any of these     protocols: FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, and SMB. See Custom URL Upgrade for URL syntax information.

    (Optional) If you want CDO to perform the upgrade later, select the Schedule Upgrade check box. Click the field to select a date and time in the future. When you are done, click Schedule Upgrade.
  1. In step 2, select the ASDM image you want to upgrade to. You are only presented with ASDM choices that are compatible with the ASA you can upgrade.
  2. In step 3, confirm your choices and decide whether you only want to download the images to your ASAs or copy the images, install them, and reboot the device.
  1. Click Perform Upgrade when you are ready.
  2. (For multi-context mode) After the admin context and the security contexts boot, you may see that the security contexts display the message, "New certificate detected." If you see that message, accept the certificate for all security contexts. Accept any other changes caused by the upgrade.

youtube.png Want to see a demo? Watch a screencast of this procedure!

Upgrade Notes

  • If you select an image to upgrade to, and you change your mind, check the Skip Upgrade check box associated with the software image. The image will not be copied to the device, nor will the device be upgraded with the image.
  • In the Perform Upgrade step, if you choose only to copy the images to the ASA, you can return to the Device Upgrade page later and click "Upgrade Now" to perform the upgrade. After the copying task is complete, you will see the message "Ready to Upgrade" for that device on the Devices & Services page. 
  • You cannot take action on a device during the process of copying the image, installing it, and rebooting the device. Devices that are installing the image and then rebooting are shown as "Upgrading" in the Devices & Services page.
  • You cannot take action on a device during the upgrade process; that is, installing the image and rebooting the device.
  • You can take action on a device if you choose only to copy the images to the device.  Devices that are copying images are shown as "Copying Images" in the Devices & Services page.
  • Upgrading devices that have self-signed certificates may experience issues; see New Certificate Detected for more information.
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