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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Firepower Software Upgrade Path

How Should You Upgrade?

Firepower devices are capable of executing direct upgrades from one major release to another, such as from Version 6.4.0 > 6.5.0. If a direct upgrade from your current to your target version is not possible, your upgrade path must include either intermediate versions, such as from Version > 6.5.0. To patch Firepower, you must be running the base major version.

You cannot upgrade directly from a patch of one version to a patch of another version, such as from Version > You must upgrade to the major release first, and then to a subsequent patch of that release: from Version > 6.5.0 >

Firepower support starts with Version 6.4.0. See the following table for the supported upgrade paths:


Currently Running Version X Direct Upgrade To 6.4.0.x Direct Upgrade To 6.5.0 Direct Upgrade To 6.5.0.x Direct Upgrade to 6.6.0
6.6.0-90 - - - -
6.5.0.x patch - - - yes
6.5.0-115 - - yes yes
6.4.0.x patch yes yes no yes
6.4.0-102 yes yes yes yes


Major Upgrade vs Patch 

Note: You cannot use CDO to uninstall or downgrade from a major release. You must reimage the device to revert to a previous version. 

Major upgrades may include new features and functionality and entail large-scale changes to the product. Major upgrades will take longer to complete than a patch. 

Patch upgrades may contain a limited range of fixes and minor feature updates or enhancements. Patch upgrades will take less time to complete than a major upgrade. 

Other Upgrade Limitations

4100 and 9300 Series devices

CDO does not support the upgrade for the 4100 or 9300 series devices. You must upgrade these devices outside of CDO. 


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