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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Firepower Software Upgrade Path

How Should You Upgrade?

A recommended upgrade path is the ideal path for your device. Firepower devices are capable of executing direct upgrades from one major release to another, such as from Version 6.4.0 > 6.5.0. If a direct upgrade from your current to your target version is not possible, your upgrade path must include either intermediate versions, such as from Version > 6.5.0. To patch Firepower, you must be running the base major version.

You cannot upgrade directly to a patch from a previous major version, such as from Version > You must upgrade to the major release first, and then to a subsequent patch of that release: from Version > 6.5.0 >

Firepower support starts with Version 6.4.0. See the following table for the supported upgrade paths:


Currently Running Version X Direct Upgrade To 6.4.0.x Direct Upgrade To Version 6.5.0 Direct Upgrade To Version 6.5.0.x
6.5.0-115 no N/A yes
6.4.0.x patch yes yes no
6.4.0-102 yes yes no



Major Upgrade vs Patch 

Note: You cannot use CDO to uninstall or downgrade from a major release. You must reimage the device to revert to a previous version. 

Major upgrades may include new features and functionality and entail large-scale changes to the product. Major upgrades will take longer to complete than a patch. 

Patch upgrades may contain a limited range of fixes and minor feature updates or enhancements. Patch upgrades will take less time to complete than a major upgrade. 


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