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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Check Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel Connectivity

Use the Check Connectivity button to trigger a real-time connectivity check against the tunnel to identify whether the tunnel is currently active or idle. Unless you click the on-demand connectivity check button, a check across all tunnels, available across all onboarded devices, occurs once an hour.


  • CDO runs this connectivity check command on the ASA and FTD to determine if a tunnel is active or idle: 

show vpn-sessiondb l2l sort ipaddress 

  • Model ASA device(s) tunnels will always show as Idle.

To check tunnel connectivity from the VPN page:

  1. From the main navigation bar, click VPN > Site-to-Site VPN.  
  2. Search and filter the list of tunnels for your site-to-site VPN tunnel and select it. 
  3. In the Actions pane at the right, click Check Connectivity.
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