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Viewing AWS Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels

AWS site-to-site VPN connects your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to your enterprise network through a secure tunnel.

All site-to-site VPN configuration occurs in the AWS Management Console. Once you onboard your VPC, CDO is able to display the site-to-site VPN connections maintained by your AWS VPC and display them on the VPN Tunnels page so that you can manage them along with all your other site-to-site connections. Each VPN connection from your network to your VPC is made up of two separate VPN tunnels. 

From the VPN Tunnels page in CDO, you can view information about all your managed VPN peers, filter and search for the site-to-site VPN peers of the VPC, and onboard unmanaged VPN peers.

CDO polls the AWS Management Console every 10 minutes looking for changes to the site-to-site VPN configuration. If CDO finds that there has been a change, it polls for changes in that configuration and stores the changes in its database. CDO administrators will then be able to view the new configurations in CDO.

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