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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

View Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel Information

  1. From the main navigation bar, click VPN > Site-to-Site VPN.
  2. In the VPN Tunnels page, click the name of the VPN tunnel that connects the peers. Use Search and Filter Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels to find a specific tunnel.
  3. Click View Peers in the Peers pane on the right.
  4. Double-click the other end of the VPN tunnel and CDO displays Tunnel Details, NAT Information, and Key Exchange information for that connection: 
  • Tunnel Details-Displays the name and connectivity information about the tunnel. 
  • NAT Information-Displays the type of NAT rule being used, original and translated packet information, and provides links to the NAT table to view the NAT rule for that tunnel. (Not yet available for AWS VPC site-to-site VPN.)
  • Key Exchange-Displays the cryptographic keys in use by the tunnel and key-exchange issues. (Not yet available for AWS VPC site-to-site VPN.)