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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Export Remote Access VPN Sessions to a CSV File

You can export the RA VPN sessions of one or more devices to a comma-separated value (.csv) file. You can open the .csv file in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel to sort and filter the items on your list. This information helps you to analyze the RA VPN sessions. Every time you export the sessions, CDO creates a new .csv file, where the file created has a date and time in its name. 

CDO can export a maximum of 100,000 active sessions to the CSV file. If the total number of sessions from all devices exceeds the maximum limit, you can use the View By Device filter and generate reports for individual devices. 

  1. In the CDO navigation pane, click VPN > Remote Access VPN Monitoring
  2. In the View By Devices area, select one of the following:
    • All Devices to export active sessions from all devices listed below it. 
    • Click on a device that you want to export sessions of that device. 
  3. Click theExport_VPNSessions.jpg icon on the top right corner.
    CDO exports the rules you see on the screen to a .csv file. 
  4. Open the .csv file in a spreadsheet application to sort and filter the results.
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