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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Licensing Requirements for Remote Access VPN

This article provides information about RA VPN license for FTD device.

Enable (register) the RA VPN license for the FTD devices from FDM to configure RA VPN connection. When you register the device, you must do so with a Smart Software Manager account that is enabled for export-controlled features. You also cannot configure the feature using the evaluation license.

Also, you must purchase and enable an RA VPN license, any of the following: AnyConnect Plus, AnyConnect Apex, or AnyConnect VPN Only. These licenses are treated the same for FTD devices, although they are designed to allow different feature sets when used with ASA Software-based headends.

For more information about enabling license from FDM, see the "Licensing Requirements for Remote Access VPN" section of the "Remote Access VPN" chapter of the  Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Configuration Guide for Firepower Device Manager, Version X.Y

For more information, see the Cisco AnyConnect Ordering Guide. There are also other data sheets available on

To know the RA VPN license status, perform the following:

  1. In the CDO navigation bar at the left, click Device & Services
  2. Click an FTD that you want.
  3. In the right pane, click View Licenses
    If the RA VPN license is valid, the Status shows OK.
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