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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

View Remote Access VPN Configuration Details of FTD

  1. In the CDO navigation bar at the left, click VPN > Remote Access VPN Configuration
  2. Click on a VPN configuration object present. 
    The group shows summary information on how many connection profiles and group policies are currently configured.
    • Expand the RA VPN configuration to view all connection profiles associated with them. 
      • Click the add + button to add a new connection profile. 
      • Click the view button ( View_icon.JPG ) to open a summary of the connection profile and connection instructions.
        Under Actions, you can click Edit to modify the changes. 
    • You can click one of the following options under Actions to perform additional tasks:
  • Click Group Policies to assign/add group policies. 

  • Click a configuration object or connection profile that you no longer need and click Remove to delete. 

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