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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Workflows Page

The Workflow page allows you to monitor every process that CDO runs when communicating with devices, Secure Device Connector, or Secure Event Connector, and when applying ruleset changes to devices. CDO creates an entry in the workflow table for every step and displays its outcome on this page. The entry contains information pertaining only to the action performed by CDO and not the device it is interacting with.

CDO reports an error when it fails to perform a task on a device, and you can navigate to the Workflows page to see the step where the error occurred for more details. 

You can visit this page to determine and troubleshoot errors or share information with TAC when they insist.  

To navigate to the Workflows page, on the Devices & Services page, select a device. In the Devices and Actions in the right pane, click Workflows.  The following picture shows the Workflow page with entries in the Workflow table.


Download Workflow Information

You can download the complete workflow information to a JSON file and provide it when the TAC team asks for further analysis. To download this information, you can select the device and navigate to its Workflows page and click the export button Export_VPNSessions.jpgappearing on the top right corner.

Generate Stack Trace

If you have an error you cannot resolve, TAC may ask you for a copy of the stack trace. To collect the stack trace for the error, click the Stack Trace link and click Copy Stacktrace to copy the stacks appearing on the screen to a clipboard. 

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