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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Contact Cisco Defense Orchestrator Support

Open a Support Ticket with TAC

You can contact Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for support directly through the CDO interface:

  1. Log in to CDO. help_menu.jpg
  2. Next to your tenant and account name, click the help button and select Contact Support

Paying customers should open support cases directly with Cisco TAC by clicking Support Case Manager on the Contact Support page. When opening a support case, have your service contract number ready. 

All demo, internal, and trial customers can send email to by entering their question in the details request form and clicking Submit. Include in your email technical information that will help us resolve your issue. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

CDO Service Status Page

CDO maintains a customer-facing service status page that shows you if the CDO service is up and any service interruptions it may have had. You can view up-time information with daily, weekly, or monthly graphs. 

You can reach the CDO status page by clicking CDO Status in the help menu on any page in CDO. (See the figure below.)

On the status page, you can click the Subscribe to Updates to receive a notification if the CDO service goes down.

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