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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Contact Cisco Defense Orchestrator Support

Export The Workflow

We strongly recommend exporting the workflow of a device that is experience issues prior to opening a support ticket. This additional information can help the support team expeditiously identify and correct any troubleshooting efforts. 

Use the following procedure to export the workflow:

  1. Log into CDO. 
  2. Navigate to the Devices & Services page. 
  3. Use the filter or search bar to locate the device you need to troubleshoot. 
  4. In the Device Actions pane, select Workflows
  5. Click the Export button located at the top right of the page, above the table of events. The file automatically saves locally as a .json file. Attach this to any emails or tickets you open with TAC. 

Open a Support Ticket with TAC

You can open a support ticket with Cisco's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) through the CDO interface:

  1. Log in to CDO. help_menu.jpg
  2. Next to your tenant and account name, click the help button and select Contact Support
  3. Click Support Case Manager.
  4. Click the blue Open New Case button.  
  5. Click Open Case.
  6. Choose a Request Type
  7. Expand Find Product by Service Agreement row.
  8. Fill in all the fields. Many of the fields are obvious. This is some additional information: 
  • Product Name (PID). If you no longer have this number, see the Cisco Defense Orchestrator Data Sheet.
  • Product Description-This is the description of the PID.
  • Site Name-Enter your site name. If you are a Cisco Partner opening a case for one of your customers, enter the customer's name.
  • Service Contract-Enter your service contract number.
    • Important: In order for your case to be associated with your account, you need to associate your contract number to your profile. Use this procedure to associate your contract number to your profile.
  1. Open to Cisco Profile Manager.
  2. Click the Access Management tab.
  3. Click Add Access.
  4. Choose TAC and RMA case creation, Software Download, support tools, and entitled content on and click Go.
  5. Enter service contracts number(s) in the space provided and click Submit.  You will receive notification via email that the service contract associations have been completed. Service contract association can take up to 6 hours to complete.

Important: If you are not able to access any of the links below, please contact your authorized Cisco partner or re-seller, your Cisco account representative, or the individual in your company who manages Cisco service agreement information.

  1. Click Next.
  2. In the Describe Problem screen, scroll down to Manually select a Technology, click it, and type CDO in the search field.   
  3. Select the category that best matches your request, and click Select.


  1. Complete the remainder of the service request and click Submit

CDO Service Status Page

CDO maintains a customer-facing service status page that shows you if the CDO service is up and any service interruptions it may have had. You can view up-time information with daily, weekly, or monthly graphs. 

You can reach the CDO status page by clicking CDO Status in the help menu on any page in CDO. (See the figure below.)

On the status page, you can click the Subscribe to Updates to receive a notification if the CDO service goes down.