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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

DEPRECATED-Navigating Cisco Defense Orchestrator

The interface is arranged into functional tabs. For more depth on each of these areas, see the Subject Topics below:

  • Devices and Services - Onboard and evaluate security devices and services.
  • Policies - Search, evaluate, and manage Objects, Access Groups and Application Policies
  • Objects - Search, evaluate, filter, and manage Objects
  • Templates - Develop template configurations for generalized use
  • Reports - See critical network events on all of your devices
  • Change Log - The change log continuously captures configuration changes as they are made in CDO. This single view includes changes across all supported devices and services.
  • Jobs - The Jobs page displays information about the status of a bulk operation. 
Additional Links
  • Cisco Defense Orchestrator Home (Cisco Icon) - General information related to your user account and devices and services under management.
  • Support - Communicate directly with support with any issues that come up by clicking Support under the help tab.
  • Documentation - View relevant user guides associated with each Subject Topic by clicking Documentation under the help tab.
  • Account - Sign out  or switch between account user has access to of your CDO account. In addition, user can view information related to the Secure Device Connector used (whether using on-premises or cloud connections), as well as checking connectivity.
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