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Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Delete a User Record for a User Role

Deleting a user record in CDO prevents the associated user from logging in to CDO by breaking the mapping of the user record with the Cisco Secure Sign-On account. When you delete a user record, you are also deleting the API token associated with that user record should there be one. Deleting a user record in CDO does not delete the user's IdP account in Cisco Secure Sign-On.

Note: You will need to have the role of Super Admin on CDO to perform this task.


Delete a User Record 

To delete the role defined in the user record, see the following procedure:

  1. Login to CDO.
  2. From the user menu, click Settings.
  3. Click User Management.
  4. Click the trash can icon trash.png in the row of the user you want to delete.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Confirm that you want to remove the account from the tenant by clicking OK.


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